He scores!

Today Carter passed his first Odor Recognition Test (Birch) for NACSW, in Wheat Ridge CO. Way to go Carter! Despite being surrounded by strange people, cars, situations, and other dogs, Carter was able to focus on the search well enough to get his hide – right at the last second! I’m very proud of him, proud of myself (for recognizing his alert and staying calm while he went on a walkabout around the room), and eternally grateful to trainer Laura Tyler of Total Teamwork Training. This is really the only activity that Carter and I have been successful at together, so it means a great deal to us.

Congratulations to Team Arlene and Deuce, too, and crossing my fingers for Team Laura and Skippy who are going for both Anise and Clove today, a double-whammy.

Carter's scorebook showing pass

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