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He’s come a long way: Carter gets his NW1 title

On Saturday, October 29, 2016, Carter received his NW1 (Nosework Level 1) title in competition in Milliken, Colorado. It was his second attempt at an NW1 title and he improved his overall time from almost 11 minutes to under 3 minutes. Although he wasn’t the fastest dog in any element, it took him just 15

Carter’s ORT X 3!

Today Carter passed two more Odor Recognition Tests – Clove and Anise – to complete his ORTs. Now the basics are over – there’s nothing for it but to go for ribbons & titles! He was much faster this time than when he did his birch test. We still won’t win any speed records, but

Carter’s First Nosework 1 Trial!

Yesterday, April 25, 2015, Crazy Dog Carter attended his first Nosework 1 (NW1) Trial! If you’d told me a year ago that Carter would actually be able to attend, and participate in, an official trial, in a strange environment, with strange people, vehicles, and dogs all over the place, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Back in the Saddle for 2015

We’ve attended our first Continuing Nosework training at the Canine Learning CenterĀ in Fort Collins! Things went well – Carter searched & found his odors despite being in a completely new environment with strange people in the area. Newest experience: a mirror. He had to check it out a bit, but seemed to realize pretty quick

Tips for the Single Trainer #1: the gate

I’ve read a lot of training books, and something that always pulled me up short was when I’d get to the part that said “Have a couple close friends do X…” or “While your partner does X, you do Y…” or “Have a few people from the neighborhood come over and…” Well, for much of