Reactivity Archive

Carter’s First Nosework 1 Trial!

Yesterday, April 25, 2015, Crazy Dog Carter attended his first Nosework 1 (NW1) Trial! If you’d told me a year ago that Carter would actually be able to attend, and participate in, an official trial, in a strange environment, with strange people, vehicles, and dogs all over the place, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

The Dreaded Vet Visit

Today (Vet’s Day, ironically) was Carter’s first appointment with a new veterinarian. Carter has what’s commonly called ‘White Coat Syndrome’ as part of his general reactivity. In other words, new odors, strange people, enclosed spaces, strange dogs, new locations, etc. all freak him out, and when you wrap all those together, it’s Rodeo Time! Muzzles

6) So what’s up with Carter?

Carter had apparently been found running loose, with no collar or microchip, somewhere in Missouri. He wasn’t claimed at the pound, either. But someone from a local rescue recognized him as a cattle dog and rescued him, placing him with the cattle-dog rescue in Colorado. He was about 16 months old and intact when he