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A new ORT dog

Today, Page passed her first (birch) Odor Recognition Test (ORT) for the National Association of Canine Scentwork (NACSW). She’s now qualified for Nosework 1 trials and elements. She’s nearly 13; who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? (Those are Page’s ears sticking out of my lap blanket while she sneakily naps on

Winter Weather

We had planned a trip to Craig, Colorado to participate in some nosework training, but it looks like the weather is not in our favor. Temps below 0 here, barely reaching the single digits during the day, with 10″ of snow and more coming. Weekend snowstorm forecast for the Steamboat Springs/Rabbit Ears Pass area (which

He scores!

Today Carter passed his first Odor Recognition Test (Birch) for NACSW, in Wheat Ridge CO. Way to go Carter! Despite being surrounded by strange people, cars, situations, and other dogs, Carter was able to focus on the search well enough to get his hide – right at the last second! I’m very proud of him,

6) So what’s up with Carter?

Carter had apparently been found running loose, with no collar or microchip, somewhere in Missouri. He wasn’t claimed at the pound, either. But someone from a local rescue recognized him as a cattle dog and rescued him, placing him with the cattle-dog rescue in Colorado. He was about 16 months old and intact when he

Carter Sez: Did you see my video?

Carter calls your attention to his Yuppy Puppy video! This video is of the third time he used his Yuppy Puppy treat dispensing machine – it looks like a gumball machine and the treats fall out when you push down on the bone-shaped arm. He likes it!

5) Suddenly, Carter

Page and I were doing all right by ourselves, but she’d enjoyed Nitro so much, I thought maybe she’d like anew little brother. A few months after Nitro’s death, I contacted the cattle dog rescue again and applied to be matched with a neutered male. I specified that, after the stress and heartbreak of dealing

4) Nitro

About six weeks after getting Page, I brought Nitro home with me. He was 3/4 cattle dog and 1/4 pit bull. No one wanted him because of the pit bull and because he wasn’t all cattle-dog, but he’d met Page and got along with her, so I didn’t care. He came home around Page’s 2nd

3) Page comes on the scene

My first dog, Galyn, died on Veteran’s Day, 2003, at age 15 1/2. By the following spring, I realized that I was ready for another dog, and to honor Galyn’s memory, I decided on a rescued dog. I had searched the internet, reading about different breeds, but I kept being drawn back to the cattle