3) Page comes on the scene

My first dog, Galyn, died on Veteran’s Day, 2003, at age 15 1/2. By the following spring, I realized that I was ready for another dog, and to honor Galyn’s memory, I decided on a rescued dog. I had searched the internet, reading about different breeds, but I kept being drawn back to the cattle dogs. Finally, I contacted New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue. They were based in Phoenix, AZ, and I was living in northern Arizona at the time.

Almost immediately, I was ‘matched’ with a red female heeler named Page. She was a neglect case, had been in the rescue for nearly four months recovering, being spayed, and regaining body weight, and had just been deemed available for adoption. She was nearly two years old.

I hadn’t expected that quick a response, and she looked so much like Galyn that I was taken aback. I didn’t want to unfairly compare the two, so I hesitated. Meanwhile, someone else chose Page. It seemed I’d missed my opportunity. But then I heard that they’d backed out. I decided to drive to Tucson and meet her at her ‘foster parents” home.

We bonded immediately, and a few days later I brought her home.

Dog Page sleeping on dog bed

Page certainly has her own personality (dogality?). Although she looks a lot like Galyn, even to being the same weight, she’s much less stand-offish with people. Friendly, goofy, high-energy, high-stress, she can still settle down on a dog bed for a nap. She loves to snuggle, adores attention, and adores food just as much, or more. Strange dogs are a bit of an issue, but she can be introduced to them.

I was thrilled with Page. I decided that I could take care of two dogs, and that Page might like a companion, since I worked full-time and I’d always felt guilty that Galyn didn’t have more doggie contact. So I returned to New Hope and asked them for a male dog, one who they thought would get along well with Page.

Six weeks after I got Page, I added Nitro to the pack.

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